Leukemia And Its Effects On The Human Body

Leukemia is one of the many forms of cancer which like all forms becomes a chronic illness if not treated well in time. The real consequence of this form of cancer is that the blood starts to get over flooded with WBCs which are inefficient in carrying out the right immunity work. The human body tends to become weak over the time and the patient is at a constant risk of acquiring some or the other form of illness due to reduced immunity.

A patient affected with leukemia can either be suffering from the chronic form in which the white blood corpuscles tend to get released from the bone marrow in much higher quantities than normal or from acute leukemia wherein there is close to no release of the WBCs. The former case is known to affect the adults in most of the cases. It is a slow process which takes time in deteriorating the blood components which leads to the bloods inability to do its basic functions. In the latter case, because there is no increase in the WBC count, the person can be severely affected. This form is seen in the young ones specially the new born babies.

As the count of the white blood corpuscles which are healthy enough to fight decrease, the immunity drops to very low levels. This is one of the main symptoms of this form of cancer. Because of their high levels in the blood stream, the percentage of the RBCs or the red blood corpuscles and the platelets also decrease. This results in low amount of oxygen reaching the various organs of the body which is the job of the RBCs. The acidic content in the body increases with the body parts producing more and more levels of lactic acid. This results in the patient experiencing pain these body parts and in the joints as well.

The cause of leukemia is has been linked to problems in the way the chromosomal patterns are formed in the body. If this problem exists, there are chances of the cells not being formed in the right ways in the bone marrow leading to the acquisition of leukemia cancer. The reasons for this DNA effect are due to the overexposure to harmful radiations. In the rarest of cases, there is a possibility of a patient suffering from AIDS to get infected from leukemia.

As far as the treatments are concerned, the most common form of treatment offered is chemotherapy which targets and kills the infected cells. Complimentary to chemotherapy is radio therapy. These treatment methods are long and there is no guarantee that they would be effective. If there is a suitable donor available, it is best to get a replacement of it once and for all. This method is hundred percent effective as various subjects have been restored to full health. Once the treatment has been completed, there are a still chance that the problem may crop up again which is why it is advised to follow the right precautionary measures to avoid facing it again.